We're on a mission to simplify the commercial furniture industry.

Your job is hard, we’re here to make it easy.

Complex processes and antiquated systems are frustrations anyone who has worked in the commercial furniture industry has encountered. Having worked in this industry for decades, our team realized commercial furniture was ripe for a revolution. We knew there had to be a way to complete projects easier and faster. When we discovered no single solution to tackle this problem existed, we decided to build one.

It’s all about asking the right questions

Knowing what to ask your clients upfront – and in what order – can make or break the success of your entire project. In an industry focused on products, we understand how important it is to first uncover business needs and project needs in order to deliver the right products to meet those needs.

The team that built FOLIO has 50+ years experience in the commercial furniture industry asking the right questions. Tap into our expertise to grow your business and blow your clients’ minds.

How we’ll make your life better

For service providers – Save time and give your team one less thing to worry about. Run projects smoother with efficient organization, centralized communication, and better collaboration.

For clients – Engage with your furniture service provider like never before! Easily uncover, amplify, and execute your vision to finish out the workspace of your dreams.

Our Story

Inspired by a never-ending pursuit...

July 2012, Dallas, TX – While sipping on a poolside margarita, Beth Goff-McMillan contemplated leaving the furniture industry. While trying to beat the Texas summer heat with other furniture professionals, Beth voiced her frustrations with the lack of client focus in the industry, “It’s all about selling products and no one is trying to figure out what is best for our clients.”

Beth responded with a tequila-inspired solution to her own complaint, “I can solve this!” Those 4 words began a pilgrimage of client advocacy, focused on first understanding clients’ business needs and project process, prior to recommending products. Empowered by this new mission, Beth left her decades-long post at Knoll where she served as one of the top Regional Managers in the entire company, eventually helping take the company public.

...to do things better

Beth launched her first company, Workspace Vision in Dallas, building out the model and content that would eventually become FOLIO Spatial Intelligence.

After 4 successful years at Workspace Vision, she moved down the road to Austin, TX to implement her client-focused approach as CEO & Owner of SKG, The formula worked, as SKG quickly improved performance and scale, becoming one of the top performing MillerKnoll dealers in the nation.

Rather than keep this ‘secret sauce’ to herself, Beth created FOLIO Spatial Intelligence to be able to share this formula-for-success with the entire commercial furniture industry she is so passionate about. She believes the better we understand
why a business exists, the better we can help them achieve what they are aiming to do.

Deliver Inspired Spaces With Less Friction and More Speed

Ditch switching back-and-forth between multiple outdated apps. Provide modern service and frictionless communication that will win business and make life easier for you. Accessible now on any device with a standard web browser.

Schedule your demo today and start moving forward with ease!

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