In a fast-paced and evolving industry like commercial furniture, building relationships, understanding client needs, and executing projects efficiently can make or break your success. What if there were a tool that could seamlessly integrate collaboration, budgeting, and visualization all in one place? Enter FOLIO! 🚀

Join us as we delve into a candid and insightful interview with Susan, a sales and business development market leader in Missouri, who has been leveraging FOLIO to transform her client engagements. Susan shares how FOLIO is not just a tool but a game-changer in forging teamwork with clients, creating dynamic solutions, and achieving tremendous success in a fraction of the time.

Tell me a little bit about you, your market, and how you found success with FOLIO. 

My name is Susan, and I am a Market Leader in Missouri. I focus on sales and business development for my furniture dealership. I serve as the first point of contact for a client and work to develop a relationship with them. 
FOLIO is a problem solver for our clients. It serves as the first set of dialogue you have to align with your client. Initially, everyone needs to establish and understand their budget. In the past, we were furiously working behind the scenes to create the budget and present it to the client. FOLIO allows that process to be collaborative with the client. We build the budget with them. It also allows us to consider and talk through all of the items that collectively need to be included in the project. It creates a team mentality in lieu of the dealer presenting it to the client without understanding where the information came from. 

We'd love to hear some success stories! Can you share an example of how you have personally used FOLIO to achieve positive outcomes? Are there any favorite features that have significantly contributed to your success?

In December of last year, we had a client call with an urgent request for a budget. The client asked for the budget back in a week. FOLIO allowed us to pull together the budget in one hour. We got on a Zoom that day, pulled up FOLIO, and went through the entire budget and use of each space. We got the opportunity to talk through items inside each space the client didn't consider, like audio-visual items and whiteboards in the conference rooms. We even reviewed things I didn't consider at the time - because it's all pre-populated in the tool. 
We were able to knock the budget out in about an hour, share the Excel export, and invite her to the FOLIO project. It was a game-changer.

As we wrap up, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? Any additional comments or insights you'd like to offer about your experience with FOLIO or the broader industry?

FOLIO optimized the handoff of a project to design. The lookbook feature helps our clients communicate the look and feel of the space so the dealer designer and team can help them understand. 

There you have it, a first-hand account of how FOLIO is revolutionizing the way sales and business development professionals approach their projects. By fostering collaboration, saving time, and enhancing communication, FOLIO has become an ally in crafting the perfect client experience.

If Susan's story resonates with you, take a closer look at how FOLIO can elevate your business. From the collaborative budgeting process to the fun and interactive lookbooks, the features are designed to align with your client and streamline your process.

Join the movement and see how FOLIO can redefine your approach to design and business development! 🎉💼 

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