Howdy y 'all! Welcome to our first customer success post here at FOLIO. There is a lot of exciting feedback about the awesomeness of our product, and we have some bandwidth to get the word out!

This week, our featured user is Maria, a support specialist who works alongside a fast-moving, corporate seller. The team consists of a seller, sales support person, and a designer with no less than 30 active projects in the pipeline any given week plus a plethora of leads in their pipeline. Each project moves swiftly and has many tasks to document. Maria found our FOLIO Workbook product feature helped the team to stay organized and productive, providing a platform to communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Read on to hear more about this user's experience and how FOLIO and the Workbook drove fast moving and complex projects!

Tell me a little about your team structure.

Our Account Executive, Erin, is the overarching face of the team. She manages accounts from a big-picture perspective and communications with clients. She coordinates and leads the meetings with the client and stakeholders and really captures the vision of the project.
Our team designer, Hailey, and I are the workhorses of the team. We manage the details. Hailey does all design, technical specifications, and ancillary specifications for the project. I handle pricing, consolidation of visuals and budgets, and manage all the information to keep the team organized and focused.

Tell me about pain points your team had managing so many projects before FOLIO. 

We had a strong need for consolidated communication. Everything for our internal team lived all over the place - email, Teams, meeting notes, Excel files, and other external documents. It was hard to find all the answers and notes in one place. If a team member was not available, we could not get accurate intel.
We also lacked a centralized place to store decisions and communication. Especially when we needed to go back to the client or A&D firm with the information. 

How has FOLIO helped you overcome those pain points? 

The FOLIO Workbook feature is a one-stop-shop that allows us to achieve consolidated team communication. I create custom lists and use FOLIO's pre-defined lists to assign tasks to Erin, Hailey, and even myself.
FOLIO gives us the opportunity to double check things - did we ask all the right questions and document the right things? It helps us remember what to ask the client or design firm. 

How do you use the Workbook? Any tips and tricks for our users out there? 

I use the "create a new list" feature to organize tasks from client calls and meetings. I name the newest meeting task list alphabetically, so it shows up on the top of the Workbook inside a particular project. I use these lists to capture items to follow up on from the previous meetings and to ensure we are prepared for the next one!
Erin adds her follow up notes and tasks as comments inside of a task. She will tag me in the comment, so I know the notes are there.
I’m a visual person, so I love being able to see the avatar of the person assigned to a task. This helps me locate issues to resolve them quickly.
An example of how Maria is using the Workbook to manage tasks in FOLIO.

Anything else you would like to share? 

The budget feature is so important to leverage on projects. Make sure you review the items inside the spaces and curate it if you know your client's expectations ahead of time. We used the budget on a recent project, and the actual dollars spent by the client fell within the budget FOLIO created at the start of the project. It is fast and easy! 

Well, there you have it, folks! Check out our product features to learn more about the Workbook and how it can help your team be more effective and efficient. Or you can book a demo with our team here! 

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