In the realm of commercial furniture, the key to customer success often lies in understanding and meeting client needs with precision and efficiency. This is where FOLIO comes into play, transforming the traditional approach to client engagement, relationships, and project management.

We're thrilled to share an exclusive insight into the world of Alecia Mancuso, a seasoned Designer and Project Manager at AOS. Alecia's journey with FOLIO, covering a national client base, shows how this innovative tool is reshaping client interactions for the commercial furniture dealer.

Let's start by introducing yourself. Additionally, it would be great to learn a bit about your company's market.

I am a Designer and Project Manager with AOS in Baton Rouge, LA. I serve nationwide clients and cover healthcare, higher education, and commercial sectors. We have office locations in New Orleans, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, and Jackson, MI.

How has your dealership leveraged FOLIO, and what specific aspects of the tool have worked particularly well for you?

FOLIO helps us inform and provide our clients, both A&D designers and end users, with a different way to think about a budget. Often-times they don’t know where to begin or where the budget should be (for the project). FOLIO asks questions and does light programming through the budgeting feature to help establish a budget or range, which then allows us to begin our process. FOLIO also provides thought starter imagery through the Imagery function. 

Can you share an example of how you have personally used FOLIO to achieve positive outcomes? Are there any favorite features that have significantly contributed to your success?

Most recently, I used FOLIO with a large A&D firm for a multiple-floor higher education project. There was a major deadline for this project just days away, and the team didn’t have a starting point. With FOLIO, we were able to create a good/better/best budget with impressive information in a short amount of time. The A&D client was very impressed with the level of detail provided based on not having much information to start. We were able to align and hit the client’s budget "sweet spot".
 The budget export is probably my favorite tool for large projects

The commercial furniture industry is experiencing notable transformations, driven by technological advancements, and changing customer expectations. How do you perceive these industry changes, and how does FOLIO assist you in keeping up with the evolving landscape?

As project timelines get faster and faster, and the industry is ever-changing, FOLIO helps meet those unexpected timelines by capturing details from height adjustability down to a client's technology needs. It’s important to keep the tool fresh and relevant.

As we wrap up, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? Any additional comments or insights you'd like to offer about your experience with FOLIO or the broader industry?

FOLIO is an excellent tool that is user-friendly and very intuitive. The FOLIO team support has been incredible, supporting me on urgent deadlines and providing tutorials. FOLIO has been a true lifesaver. Knowing the level of support provided by FOLIO makes me want to use the tool even more. 

With FOLIO, the future of client engagement and project execution appears brighter, more efficient, and more collaborative. If you're inspired by Alecia's customer success story and want to explore what FOLIO can do for you, the time to embark on this transformative journey is now. Reach out today to get your version of FOLIO.

Join the movement and redefine how you approach design and business development in the exciting world of commercial furniture. 💡💼

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