In a fast-paced and evolving industry like commercial furniture, helping end-user clients understand budgets and aesthetics is key to a successful project a client relationship. Join us as we delve into an insightful interview with a workplace consultant in Missouri, who has been leveraging FOLIO to transform client engagements. This customer interview shares how FOLIO helped construction teams understand realistic furniture budgets in today's environment. 

Tell me a little bit about you, your market, and how you found success with FOLIO. 

I am a Workplace Consultant in Missouri. I focus on sales and business development for a commercial furniture dealership. I have been in the industry for twelve years. 
FOLIO serves as an agnostic budget alignment tool for my clients, including general contractor and construction contacts. 

We'd love to hear some success stories! Can you share an example of how you have personally used FOLIO to achieve positive outcomes? Are there any favorite features that have significantly contributed to your success?

We used FOLIO with a construction company who has a banking division. They frequently quote clients on furniture costs using a price-per-square-foot metric. The figures they were using were outdated. Supply chain disruption, increasing raw materials cost, and increasing freight cost over the last few years were not captured in their figures. 
To help them out, we pulled up FOLIO and sat with the construction team. We created a budget in FOLIO to help them understand costs in today's market with an agnostic tool. In this, they were able to present more realistic budgets to the clients, and we were able to set them (and us) up for success with clients who want to procure furniture in the future. 

As we wrap up, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? Any additional comments or insights you'd like to offer about your experience with FOLIO or the broader industry?

We won a project because we brought FOLIO to the table early-on with A&D firm involved in the project. FOLIO, coupled with our team's design capabilities, elevated us as a partner and helped us win the project. 

If this story inspires you, take a closer look at how FOLIO can elevate your business. Create lightning fast budgets to wow your clients, create jaw-dropping AI-image look books to wow your designers, and do more with FOLIO at your fingertips. 

Join the movement and see how FOLIO can redefine your approach to design and sales! 🎉💼 

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