There is a palpable energy around workspace design in 2023. The quest to bring people back to the workspace has companies rethinking the look and feel of the office. This blog explores the anticipated 2023 workspace design trends. We will cover these five important top-of-mind topics for designers:

  • Accessible and inclusive design with a focus on well-being
  • Offering a variety of spaces for people to work and be in the office
  • Sustainability, reuse, and net-zero design
  • Incorporation of technology in a variety of ways
  • Incorporation of bright, bold colors and plants

Accessible, Inclusive Design Focuses On Mental Well-Being

As companies continue their trek back to the office in 2023, inclusive design is on everyone's mind. Considerations must be made around accessibility - ensuring wheelchairs and other mobility devices can navigate the space and people of all shapes and sizes can work comfortably in the office setting. Bechtel Offices in London launched an additional office space in 2022 where "inclusivism was...essential". The design included a fully-wheelchair-accessible office, sit-to-stand desks, and spaces that incorporate a sense-of-home to enhance employee wellbeing.  

Returning to the office post-pandemic can be stressful. So, neurodiversity and mental well-being should be at the forefront of 2023 workspace design. There should be plenty of soft lighting, quiet spaces, and closed-off working spaces for focused work. Creating spaces that foster well-being, breaks, and comfort is also essential.

A corporate office breakout space and workstations with hallways and navigation that accommodate wheelchairs for inclusive design

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A Variety Of Spaces, Focusing on Privacy

The last two years taught us different people thrive in different working spaces. Companies must consider offering a variety of spaces to accommodate varied purposes and workstyles. Privacy is a large focus as teams come back to the office. Supermetrics Office Expansion in Helsinki, Finland boasts a beautiful Scandinavian design with a variety of heads-down, collaborative, and respite spaces. Heads-down time requires closed-off or partitioned rooms with a height-adjustable desk, monitors, and an ergonomic task chair. At the same time, huddle spaces are essential for those who come in once a week for a heads-together brainstorming session. However, you'll need many mobile training tables, chairs, a podium, and seating for an all-hands meeting.

Whatever the situation, understand your employees' needs and incorporate a 2023 workspace design that meets them where they want to be. Leveraging FOLIO and our Design Wizard can help your team understand your client's design needs.

A corporate office featuring a closed off huddle room with glass walls, curtains, wood paneling, a display, and markerboad

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Net-Zero, Sustainable Design & Reuse of Materials

Companies must consider sustainability and responsible suppliers for their space as we move into the new year. With the impacts of climate change, we expect to see net-zero buildings (getting as close to net-zero greenhouse emissions as possible) become a workspace design trend in 2023 and beyond. Net-zero design is not a new concept, and Brandpie's Offices in London is a great example of a sustainable and net-zero design from 2022.

 Additionally, companies should consider designing with reused and recycled products and materials. Try a wall paneling derived from reclaimed wood, or install a vintage pool table in your employee breakout space. Sustainable design can get very creative and will be top of mind in 2023 workspace design.

A breakroom with tables, chairs, stools, and plants handing from the ceiling.

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Technology, Technology, & More Technology

A significant and continuing design trend for 2023 will be incorporating technology. Hybrid work will continue so that many companies will consider upgrades to video conferencing and room and desk optimization technologies. Remote team calls aren't going away, so designing around this is important. Phone booths, huddle rooms, acoustic panels, and sound masking can lower the volume in an open-plan environment. In addition to collaborative and hybrid work technology, companies should look at new and emerging "cool tech" for the space, like a great new coffee machine or another fun tech to keep people buzzing in the office.

A small conference room with workers having a hybrid meeting.

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Pops of Color & Plants

We love bold colors at FOLIO. We also love plants and other biophilic elements of design. As we round out the last workspace design trend of 2023, we couldn't be more excited to see spaces come to life with bright pinks, yellows, teals, and whatever moves your spirit around design. We love the incorporation of neon pink signage, soft pink accents, dark and moody slate, and plants in J'adore Models Offices. Viewing FOLIO's Style Guide, you can see how to incorporate color and plants into different environments.

The reception area of j'adore's office that shows wood accents, plants, and hot pink signage and color throughout the space.

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Research continues to show people are ready to come back to the office. Is your workspace prepared to welcome them back with design and accommodations that fit their needs? FOLIO can help you implement these 2023 workspace design trends and create the environment to help you roar into the new year.

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