Rustic Style is a popular choice for those who want to bring simplicity and eco-friendly charm to their workspace or home. Nature plays a pivotal role inspiring design that is highly sensory and texturized, featuring some of the earth’s most beautiful elements. Born from the harshness of frontier life, the Rustic Style embodies strength and durability but also has an undeniable softer side that is effortlessly warm and cozy. Visit our Style Finder to learn more about Rustic Design and other featured styles for your space. 

Earth Tones

Rustic Style’s earthly palette is quite diverse. Think of how shade from the sun saturates warm and cool colors, leaving darker browns, deeper reds, burnt oranges, and lusher greens. Add to that vibrant pops of accent colors like blues, pinks, and purples. The Rustic Style designs brilliantly across the spectrum and uses natural hues like grays, tans and soft browns to create a relaxed and timeless look that ties everything together.

Distressed Leather

Distressed leather is intentionally worn, weathered, or aged. It gives the design a story to tell or a legacy to live up to. Rustic Style is not necessarily about looking vintage but more about finding comfort in longevity. But there are practical purposes that go beyond aesthetics, as the break-in of distressed leather helps prevent cracking or scratching and creates a super inviting product right from the start.

A rustic office with a wood desk and rug.

Heavy Elements of Wood and Stone

One of the defining characteristics of the Rustic Style is its use of natural materials. Wood, in particular, is a common material used in rustic furniture and is often left untreated to showcase its natural beauty. Rough-hewn logs, weathered boards, and reclaimed wood are all popular choices for rustic furniture, adding warmth and texture to any space. Stone and metal are also frequently used in rustic furniture design, lending a rugged and durable quality to each piece.

Oversized Pieces

In the Rustic Style, sofas, chairs, and beds are often overstuffed and plush, offering a cozy place to unwind. These pieces invite family, friends or co-workers to plop down in good conversation or even collaboration making them ideal for family rooms or workspace neighborhoods.

A Rustic Style offers a complementary design that blends comfort with durability, style with functionality, and borrows from the past to bring true beauty to today’s environments. From cabins to conference rooms, those little touches of nature delight our senses and enrich our environments.

A room with oversized leather sofas and a rustic design style

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