Workers certainly got used to work from home. And why not? It's hard to argue with the creature comforts of being in your own relaxed environment So how do you lure people away from their happy place? Scandinavian design could be the ticket.

In this month's style review, we explore the calm, cool, and collected Scandinavian style. Scandinavian design originated in Scandinavia in the 1950s. The minimalist, subtle way of creating continues to make a mark on modern design to this day. FOLIO is excited to feature curated Scandinavian spaces featuring muted colors, soft lighting, natural materials, and simple forms to bring a contemporary look to any office or home.

Color Everything Calm

Color evokes emotion, and Scandinavians know better than anyone how to use soft, subtle whites, grays, creams, blues and natural wood tones to promote hygge (the Scandinavian secret to serenity). This soft palate of trademark Scandinavian colors and styles creates a base for design that pairs well with many other hues.

Let There Be Light

Scandinavian design allows natural light to be the hero, ushering its warmth throughout environments. Strategically placed floor and table lamps help boost illumination where the sun's reach dims. Pendant lighting can add a subtle statement and a purposeful glow. With every creation, you'll see a mix of clean lines, modern geometric shapes, and a soft radiance reminiscent of candlelight. This space featured in Office Snapshots is a great example of the use of light in a space.

A Scandinavian space in a corporate office that has lots of wood shelving, light, and furniture.

Image courtesy of Office Snapshots: 

What's Outside...Is In

The core principles of Scandinavian design seek to create a sense of harmony between people and the environment. In furniture pieces, natural materials such as wood, metal, and stone help promote that balance. Light wood tones, live plants, inviting textures, and clutter-free environments help bring the outdoors in and nurture that sense of serenity found in the great outdoors. What better space to exemplify this than Muuto's own office in Copenhagen featured on Office Snapshots. 

A small Scandinavian designed room with wood table and chairs, plants, and a pendant light.

Simply Stunning

Scandinavian design compels us to live comfortably and effortlessly in the moment. Furniture pieces are practical, easy to use and ergonomically designed. Beds and sofas are low to the ground for easy lounging. Chairs and tables, usually made from wood, are light and airy in design with sleek silhouettes and natural finishes. 

A pharmaceutical office showing furniture and design in a Scandinavian style

Image courtesy of Office Snapshots:

As more and more companies wish to lure workers from the comforts of their homes, Scandinavian design provides a warm welcome. Ergonomically focused creations promote calmness and get workers in the right space to be productive. Let us show you how to bring this simple, stunning design to your workspace.

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