As the leaves turn and the air cools, our design focus sharpens on the eclectic and energetic Urban Style for November's interior trend. This unique aesthetic blends the casual with the cosmopolitan, reflecting the current pulse of fashion and culture. Urban interiors are not just living spaces; they are the embodiment of subtle glamour and supreme comfort. With an emphasis on minimalistic yet grand furniture, sleek lines, and a neutral palette accented by nature’s colors, the Urban Style is a testament to modern, stylish living that's both relaxed and refined.

The Essence of Urban Style

Urban Style's approach to furniture combines size and simplicity, offering pieces that make a statement without overcrowding the space. The large, minimalistic selections are rooted in functionality, providing a chic yet comfortable environment. This style doesn't just fill a room; it creates an experience, encouraging a lifestyle that appreciates both form and function. Vintage accents and geometric shapes add character and a sense of timelessness, ensuring your space remains both current and classic.

A wide-angle, editorial style photo of a corporate outdoor area in an Urban style featuring Herman Miller furniture.

The Urban Canvas

The Urban Style's color scheme is a tribute to the metropolitan palette—monochromatic black, white, and grey cores, reminiscent of the urban skyline. This monochromatic base is then enriched with splashes of navy and cognac, providing depth and warmth akin to the natural elements within an urban environment. Textural contrasts play a significant role, offering a sensory journey that mirrors the diverse urban landscape. The result is a balanced, sophisticated color scheme that is always in vogue.

An editorial style photograph of an Urban style Corporate Focus Room with a cityscape view, shot in daytime with Herman Miller furniture and layered horizons, wood and black leather in blacks, whites, greys, and navy.

Whether you’re looking to refresh a single room or overhaul your entire space, our FOLIO resources are here to guide you. From sleek sofas to textural touches, find everything you need to create your own urban oasis. FOLIO is your go-to tool for integrating urban sophistication into commercial furniture projects. Step into November with the confidence to curate a space and redefine what it means to be stylish with the Urban Style this season.

To learn more, check out our style guide by clicking this link: Urban

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