Budget Better with FOLIO

Workspace design continues to change, so client needs will continue to shift. 

Let's face it, the old rules of budgeting commercial furnishing spaces no longer apply. Build a comprehensive (and updated) good-better-best budget in FIVE MINUTES OR LESS with FOLIO's Budget Builder tool. 

Schedule a demo today, and see how FOLIO can work for you.

See How Easy Budgeting Can Be

FOLIO's Budget Builder uses vetted, real-life spaces and items already populated with pricing. The spaces are curated and priced for today's needs. 

We strive to update our pricing quarterly and look to customer feedback to add new items, new spaces, and update existing ones to make the Budget Builder work for you!

See how you can create a good-better-best budget in a snap with these simple steps.


Open a project, or create a new one to get started. Add the spaces for the project with just a few clicks. You can even add installation, tax, and freight. 


Adjust the quantities, pricing, and items inside each space to curate the budget for your client.  

Don't need a trash can in the conference room? No problem! Want to add a rug to the executive private office? We've got you covered! 

Do all of this and more with a few clicks!


When the budget is ready, invite your client, A&D firm, or any collaborator to the project to view the budget. The budget can also be exported to Excel and shared via email.

Are You Ready?

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What Our Clients Say

Maria J.

Sales support

Instead of getting into the nitty gritty at the start of the project, FOLIO helps the dealer and client understand where to start. While the Budget Builder has shown to be accurate when compared to our closed orders, the big picture 'this is what it could be' expedites those conversations to help us close the deal faster.

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