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We are passionate furniture enthusiasts, people + process lovers, creative designers, technology wizards, and so much more - all with a shared vision to make your life easier. 

Why We Do It

Commercial interior projects require a large investment in time, money, and wading through the complexity of the project. Furniture, fixtures, demountable walls, and modular casework are often the forgotten black sheep of the project that get value engineered or even eliminated at the end of project planning. 

We are here to prevent that from happening! Our team is passionate about helping you understand high-level budgeting ranges, exploring different space styles, and helping you work through your project and business needs to make decisions faster when it comes to furniture, walls, and more.

Get informed

Our FOLIO team works with you to identify and understand business and project goals related to the items in your space, provide high-level budgeting, and give you a tool to see different styles early in the process. At the end of the day, we hope to provide you with the tools to work with your real estate team, architecture and design firm, or furniture dealer to move swiftly on procurement.

How we’ll make your life better

Budget & Style Alignment

Share a few project details and a floor plan with our FOLIO quiz. Engage with our team to talk through a budget and use of space. Walk away with a high-level budget, a look book, and a better understanding of the furniture process to make swifter procurement decisions with your project team. 

Dealer Referrals

FOLIO has a network of furniture dealers that use our tools to run efficient projects. Our team can refer you to dealers in our network that can help you with procurement of product. 

Resources, Blogs, and More

FOLIO Explore our research to get informed on workspace trends, return to site, new furniture products, and more! Plus, see the latest interviews and blog posts from our manufacturer, dealer, architecture & design, and real estate partners to learn the latest news in the industry.

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