Software for Commercial Furniture Projects

FOLIO drives sales enablement, amplifies project speed, and supports team collaboration with this revolutionary tool.

How FOLIO Works for You

FOLIO is the only all-in-one project hub.

FOLIO simplifies complex processes unique to this industry by providing a custom journey for each project, immediate project alignment on budget, AI generated lookbooks, centralized project communication, easy-to-navigate checklists, and so much more.

How We'll Make Your Projects Better

Service Providers

  • Align with your client on project goals with simple, digital project creation.
  • Align with your client on how much their project will cost with a fast, automated budget builder.
  • Align with your client on style with our stunning AI-imagery lookbook tool.
  • Align on decisions and communications with our collaborative team experience. 


  • Simplifies the furniture process by focusing on the occupier's needs and project goals first.
  • Helps the client understand how much their project will cost before furniture and design exploration.
  • Easy-to-use tool to explore different styles and aesthetics prior to weeks of design work.
  • Saving weeks to months out of the process, saving time and treasure.

Explore Features by Service Provider Type

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Architect & Designer Firms

  • Commercial Furniture Dealer

Run the Perfect Project with FOLIO

Personalized Dashboards

  • View projects and clients at a glance
  • Pin high-priority projects 
  • Search and filter by client name, project name, vertical market, and more
  • Easily see tasks, mentions, and next steps by project

Project Onboarding

  • Understand scope up front with FOLIO's Project Wizard
  • Eight simple questions establish the customer journey
  • Identify vertical market, business needs, project goals, design style, spaces, and more
  • Export Downloadable project brief

Instant High-Level Budgets

  • Quickly prepare product-agnostic budget estimates for all vertical markets in minutes
  • Pre-populated library of 100+ items with vetted pricing
  • Separate budgetary product and service costs
  • Export to formatted Excel file for easy sharing

Explore Ideation Imagery

  • Create instant AI generated lookbooks 
  • Like images and leave notes about likes and dislikes like
  • Export interactions to a PDF lookbook to share with the team  

Team Collaboration

  • Invite internal and external team members to projects
  • Understand all roles within a project
  • Build occupier trust with a collaborative workbook that tracks project details, task assignments, and feedback in one location

Task Assignment & Workflows

  • 50+ industry-specific check lists and task lists
  • Pertinent for sales, design, order entry preparation, project management, installation, and day-two to keep on task
  • Assign team members to tasks for clear direction and project tracking
  • Ensure teams stay on schedule and are clear on next steps
  • Validate accuracy with all internal and external team members

Deliver Inspired Spaces With Less Friction and More Speed

Provide modern service and frictionless communication.

Request a free trial today and start moving forward with ease!

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