Save Time with FOLIO's Budget Builder

The days of budgeting with guesswork and time-consuming Excel sheets are over. Build a comprehensive good-better-best budget in five minutes or less with FOLIO's Budget Builder tool. 

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How It Works

Skip the guesswork of how much your client will spend on a space. FOLIO's Budget Builder lets you create a good-better-best budget in a snap with these simple steps.

FOLIO uses vetted, real-life spaces and items already populated with pricing. The spaces are curated and priced for today's needs and drive realistic expectations with your clients.


Create a new FOLIO project.


Quickly and easily add the spaces to the budget with a few clicks. You can do this on your own or  with your client. 


Review and adjust the spaces and items to align with your client's goals with ease.


Invite your client to the project to allow them to view the Budget Builder or export to Excel and share via email.


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What Our Clients Say

Maria J.

Sales support

Instead of getting into the nitty gritty at the start of the project, FOLIO helps the dealer and client understand where to start. While the Budget Builder has shown to be accurate when compared to our closed orders, the big picture 'this is what it could be' expedites those conversations to help us close the deal faster.

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