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Furniture Projects Made Easy


We are passionate furniture enthusiasts, people + process lovers, creative designers, technology wizards, and so much more - all with a shared vision to make your life easier. 

Why We Do It

Complex processes and antiquated systems plagued the commercial furniture industry for decades. We knew there had to be a way to complete projects faster and easier. When we discovered no single solution to tackle this problem existed, we decided to build one.

It’s all about asking the right questions

Knowing what to ask your clients upfront – and in what order – can make or break the success of your entire project. In an industry focused on products, we understand how important it is to identify project goals, budget alignment, and style preferences in order to deliver the right products to meet those needs.

The team that built FOLIO has 50+ years of experience in the commercial furniture industry asking the right questions. Tap into our expertise to grow your business and blow your clients’ minds.

How we’ll make your life better

Service Providers

  • Simplify client engagement for furniture projects.
  • Automate budgets from furniture experts.
  • Create lookbooks and identify style preferences.
  • Coordinate communication in one place. 

How This Impacts Your Clients

  • Simplify and educate your customer on the furniture process.
  • Focus on customer needs vs. product selection (product-agnostic tool).
  • Reduce complex and costly design process by eight to ten weeks.

Deliver Inspired Spaces With Less Friction and More Speed

Provide modern service and frictionless communication that will win business and make life easier for you.

Request a free trial today and start moving forward with ease!

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