FOLIO Style Finder

Not sure what your style is? Let us help! Explore our 12 unique style guides to define your ideal style. 


Rustic style offers simple but versatile designs that lean heavily on nature-inspired materials and finishes.


Industrial style embodies the spirit of the space and doesn’t hide behind decorative finishes, colors, or facades. 

Austin Eclectic 

Austin Eclectic fuses modern, traditional and bohemian styles into wild and wonderful harmony. 


Luxe style boasts worldwide design elements and communicates glamour through metallic accents such as gold, faux fur and soft-to-touch materials such as velvet and silk.


Transitional style unites traditional and contemporary design with smooth, blending details that create warm yet modern interiors.


Scandinavian style blends cohesive, uniform, and bright furniture with simple silhouettes, clean lines, and natural materials. 

Tech Modern

Inspired by engineering and new technology. Modern style with sleek aesthetic and high use of vertical and diagonal lines to mimic movement. 

Minimalist Modern

Minimalist Modern uses simple and streamlined designs with clean lines, geometric shapes and a combination of usually not more than two basic colors

Art Deco

Art Deco brings glamour, luxury and order with symmetrical designs in exuberant shapes to create a timeless look for today’s interiors.

Desert Chic

Desert style is warm and full of energy with a mix of patterns. Desert-toned neutral hues lay the design groundwork with pops of bright colors stitched across the space.


Urban style is subtly glamorous and highly comfortable. The design offers a mix of casual and hip that captures the mood and temperature of the times. 


The traditional style offers an ornamental design that is bold and highly detailed.

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